Invisalign® first in Dubai

The same impressive Invisalign® technology adapted for children who have mixed adult and baby teeth, age six to ten years using Invisalign® for kids.

Invisalign® First is a clear aligner treatment that can correct dental problems.

Dr. Rezvan highly recommend having your child seen by an experienced orthodontist around their 7th birthday, because early treatments can prevent more severe problems later on for children around 6 to 10 years, you can have them start phase one treatment to get their clear aligner treatment.

Benefits of Invisalign® First treatment

1. They are designed to treat different Orthodontic problems. It doesn't matter if your child has crowding, spacing or more complicated problems such as narrow dental arches. 

2. They are removable, so you don't have to struggle with the springs and brackets, they can be popped off. 

3. Aligners are removable, this makes eating without trays, and also practicing good oral hygiene much easier. 

What is the phase one of Invisalign®?

The goal of phase one treatment is to develop the childs young jaws to make sure that room is made to, the new teeth that are coming in.  The phase one treatment can also straighten your teeth, improve the smile of your child, and can also take care of pre-existing bite-issues.

Invisalign® first aligners are one of the best aligners to make sure that phase one can go off without a hitch, and then you can get started on phase two.

If you think your child needsorthodontic treatment or if your child is around age 7, contact us: 04-3587788