Incognito Braces®

Dr. Rezvan khedri provides Incognito Braces® in Dubai. Dr. Rezvan khedri is committed to giving you the perfect smile. Incognito hidden braces are an excellent option for professionals and anyone else who prefers a more discreet alternative to traditional metal braces.

Incognito is a fixed brace placed on the back or inside of teeth which straighten crooked teeth. Conventional metal braces are a one-size-fits-all solution, with the same type of brackets and wires for every patient. But Incognito braces are precision engineered unique to every tooth on each patient.

Each bracket is quite thin with a low profile to minimize their impact on your speech and maximize their comfort, in fact the brackets have a high gold content to be made this way which means they are precious indeed! As with any other type of braces, you will come to our office every 4 to 6 weeks. So we can monitor the progress of treatment and make the adjustment. 

The fitting of the braces is very precise with all the desire tooth moment pre-programmed into the braces. This means that the end result is often nothing short of an outstanding perfect smile.


Frequently asked why questions about Incognito braces

Simple! Lingual means tongue side.

They do not usually take longer than traditional braces.

They're extremely discreet! You could easily have a conversation with someone and not know that they're wearing a lingual braces.

Any type of brace can feel a little uncomfortable at first, your mouth is a sensitive Place!

Lingual braces can rub against your tongue creating some initial discomfort, but you'll quickly adapt. We can also give you some wax to pop over any areas that are particularly irksome. Some patients also find that their teeth ache a little each time their braces are adjusted. Again this isn't specific to lingual braces and doesn't usually persist for longer than a day.

They are made from a specialty gold alloy. This material allows for more precision in custom making process so that they will be more closely hug the contours of the back of your teeth.

Being gold is also helpful for those that might have a nickel allergy.

Because of their placement on the backs of the teeth, Incognito braces can affect your speech for a few days after you first start wearing them. You'll quickly adjust, through and you'll start speaking normally again soon after.

Foods that are very hard, sticky, or chewy should be avoided with  Incognito braces, just like with traditional metal braces.If you are interested in Incognito braces, contactus during regular business hours on number 04-3587788 to schedule your appointment.